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A day in Athens $135 ( sharing, minimum 8 guests)


Marinated olives

Spinach and Fetta spanakopita

Pan fried haloumi, with lemon zest, oregano

Pickle Greek style octopus

Pitta bread


Main course to share ( choose 2)

6 hours Slow roasted lamb shoulder marinated with smoked paprika, lemon, oregano, olive oil

Marinated free range corn fed lemon chicken

Baked fish of the day with lemon, dill, tomato, parsley and olive

Prawn saganaki : sautés prawn in a rich fragrant tomato and spices sauce, gratinee with fetta

Traditional beef and eggplant Moussaka


Gem lettuce, Greek fetta, tomato and cucumber salad

Green of the moments with tomato, herbs, garlic and extra virgin oil

Oregano and lemon potatoes


Selection of Greek delicacy

A walk to Barcelona sharing tapas ( minimum 8 Guests)

Select 4 : 85 PP

Select 6 : $110 PP

Pescado crudo: Ceviche of the day, lime, cucumber, coriander, chilli, soy, pickle ginger

Salata: heirloom tomato, burrata, pesto, pine, balsamic

Proscuitto San Danielle : 24 month, sour dough, tomato salad, basil

Pulpo: chargrilled baby squid, smoked chilli, cherry tomato, salsa verde

Croquetas de queso: crispy potatoes and corn bites with 3 cheese, panko crumb, ranch dressing

Arancini : arancini of the day, sundried tomato pesto, leaf

Gamba: Australian prawn grilled in their shell, chimichurri, bread tostado

Ensalada de remolacha: roasted beetroot, sweet olive, ricotta, smoked nuts, honey dressing

Barriga de cerdo: comfit pork belly slider, brioche, Asian slaw, orange and ginger glaze

Vieiras: scallops gratine in their shell, sautes mushrooms, onion compote, parmesan veloutes

Chorizo con patatas: sautés chorizo and potatoes, comfit garlic, roasted tomatoes, almond flakes

Spring Roll: house made, in house sweet chilli sauce, citrus soy

Cauliflower: roasted dusted with dukkah, avocado salsa, shiracha mayonnaise, coriander

Cordero Taco: slow braised lamb shoulder taco, salad, harissa paste

Italian meat ball : Parmesan, Spanish onion, sun dried, tomato, roquette

Quesos: selection of imported cheeses, crackers and condiments

Grill skewer with garlic & herbs potatoes

Prawn: Garlic butter served with tapenade

 Chicken: Indonesian style with our satay sauce

Beef: Beef teriyaki glazed with wasabi mayonnaise

Fish: Miso marinated, ponzu dressing, pickled ginger

That s amore Italian feast ( minimum 8 pax)

Sharing entrees

Our roasted garlic and  rosemary focaccia

Green Sicilian olives, smoked almond, chilli

Prosciutto San Danielle aged 24 months, parmigiano Reggiano, aged balsamic

Heirloom tomato salad, basil, roasted pine nuts, bocconcini

Arrancini of the day a la Napolitana

Main choose 2

Agnolo Arrosto: slow braised lamb shoulder, with thyme, garlic, onion, capsicum, tomato and black olive

Linguine Pescatora: Artisan pasta with catch of the day fish, shell fish and crustacean, lemon, white wine, garlic and parsley sauce

Biscetta Fiorentina: Grilled Extra large TBONE grass fed beef, with rosemary, fresh herb salsa

Pescado del Giorno: Fish of the day roasted with citrus, garlic, fresh herbs and tomato, served with a pesto salsa

Rissotto al tartuffo: Risotto vale Nano, with sautéed assorted mushrooms, truffles salsa, Pecorino, orange glaze, tarragon

Gnocchi Siciliana :House gnocchi filled with ricotta, sautes eggplant, olive, tomato coulis, stratchella, basil, anchovies ( optional)


Roasted Potatoes, fennel and walnuts with garlic and herbs

Organic salad of the moment, EVOO , 10 years old balsamic

Dessert ( choose 1)

Assorted cannoli, roasted pistachio, vanilla cream

Our Tiramisu, house almond cake, light mascarpone mousse, organic cocoa nibs, Chantilly

Vanilla bean panna cotta, berries of the moment, orange blossom and mandarin sauce

Sicilian soft lemon cake, lemon curd, spiced poached strawberries, caramelised pistachio